The above picture highlights the places I have visited, since I was 19. I’m not trying to brag, it’s merely to justify why I think I can dish out information on travelling.

The brown countries are where I have lived – in Israel, Poland, Colombia, India, Argentina, Peru, Canada, USA, UK and grew up in Australia. The blue coloured countries I have travelled to in the last 8 years of my life, making a total of about 8 years on the road, lived or as a vagabond. You still may not respect anything I say, but in my 27 years, nearly 28 years of existence I have managed to accumulate a lot of ‘advice’ from many people and whilst not all may be considered valuable – I feel it is informative to say the least.

And finally – advice is just that. Please take it or leave it. But as I write about my life lessons, experience, encounters, thoughts and opinions, hopefully, if you read along, you will start to understand me, trust me and know what info you like and what you perhaps feel is not for you. But if I save you a 6 and a half hour ferry trip in the wrong direction, falling victim to the tourist traps or something along those lines, even once, then I will feel content that my ramblings have connected with someone and that this meeting of minds in cyber space was not devoid of purpose.